Interior Design

Interior Design

Our experienced designers specialize in

attention to details

We ensure that every element harmonizes to create a seamless and captivating environment.
Whether it’s boho chic, traditional, contemporary modern or minimalist style, intoDESGISNS can assist with creating any type of design style you desire. From conceptual layouts to colour, material and finishes selection to choosing furniture and accessories.

Our Approach

At intoDESIGNS, our approach to interior design is rooted in creativity, functionality, and personalized aesthetics. We understand that each space is unique, and we’re dedicated to crafting environments that not only reflect your personality but also optimize the functionality of your living spaces.

Interior Design

We prepare full interior design set drawings to ensure proper translation


before implementation.


-Conceptual Layout
-Material and Finishes Selection
-Digital Mood Board
-Room Finish Schedule
-Elevation Details
-Millwork Details
-Door, Hardware and Trim Schedules
-Lighting Layout and Schedules
-Plumbing Fixture Schedules
-Furniture and Aceessories Sourcing
Interior Design

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